Generics like support in .NET 1.0/1.1

Lot of my peers think that Generics support is cool and is only available in .NET 2.0. But there is a way to simulate strongly typed collections in .NET 1.0/1.1. Traditionally, we all use ArrayList to store objects (classes with public properties). But, unfortunately, ArrayList is a weak type and supports any object. So, we lose all the type safety that is available in Generics. Instead of using ArrayList, we can derive our classes from CollectionBase or ReadOnlyCollectionBase abstract classes. This class is strongly typed and provides type safety at compile time.

public class Employees: CollectionBase
public Employees()

public int Add (Employee emp)
return List.Add (emp);

public int Remove (Employee emp)
return List.Remove (emp);

There is one caveat: Even though from the outside, you get strong reference, internally the IList type is still an object. But, it is still better than using ArrayList which is a weak reference type.

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