Windows Media Player 6.4 advantages

Windows Media Player 6.4 (albeit pretty old) still has big advantages over the new versions of WMPs. The major one is that it supports seeking a media file. Try the same media file on the new versions, seeking may not work. But, the WMP6.4 install program will not allow you to execute it on XP. It spits this error when  you try to run the installer:

This version of Windows Media Player is not currently supported on Microsoft Windows 2000. A version supporting Windows 2000 will be made available on at a future date.

To force WMP6.4 to run on XP, open the installer file “mpfull.exe” in WinRAR, extract all the files to a folder you want and run “mplayer2.exe”. It should open up fine. Go this link to get WMP6.4: WMP6.4

Also, another advantage with this version is smaller footprint when compared to the new versions.

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