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Private Safari browsing…

Posted in Apple Macintosh on April 8, 2007 by vasudevan

This is my second posting on some of the features available on Mac OS X not directly available on Windows. Ever thought of private browsing on IE 6.x? You can, but there are several settings involved in achieving that. In Safari (Mac OS X), it is straight forward as shown below:



Can Windows do this?

Posted in Apple Macintosh on April 8, 2007 by vasudevan

I’m a avid fan of Mac OS X (Tiger) and been using iMac (Intel Core Duo) dual  booting Windows and Mac OS X. This is my first article that compares Mac OS X’s out of the box features not natively available on Windows (2000, Me, XP, 2003, Vista (may be)). How would anybody save a web page as a PDF on Windows. There is no direct way to do it. You would have to get this feature enabled by installing some software that will do this. Enter Mac OS X. Open Up Safari…Navigate to the web page you would like to save as PDF. This picture speaks for you. 


The rest of the steps is child’s play.

Misleading Messages…

Posted in Windows on April 7, 2007 by vasudevan


I just discovered this bug when creating a folder in Windows (all flavors after 2000) and it is surprising to see the error message getting displayed. Try creating a folder that begins with a . (example:    .NET Samples). If you examine the message, it is misleading: “You must type a file name”.

I know the real problem. The problem is that Windows thinks that I have typed a filename with no name but just the extension. But, I was infact trying to create a folder that begins with a dot (.).

But, when typing a < or > during folder creation, Windows displays this tooltip tooltip-may-24-2.jpg

and doesn’t even allow you to type a invalid character. Wondering, why didn’t they include this validation when a folder begins with a dot (.).

Btw, I was able to create a folder that begins with a dot (.) like .NET from MS-DOS Command prompt. This is still more confusing !!!

Anybody encountered this?