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TFS (Team Foundation Server) woes

Posted in Microsoft.NET on June 6, 2007 by vasudevan

I have been using TFS for the past several months for defect tracking and management and it seems it is working pretty well until I stumbled on this issue. There is no comprehensive support to search across multiple work items. I did Ctrl + F and searched for a string and bang!! – you see the message as shown in the image.


I thought of writing a addin that accesses TFS SDK to enable that functionality. While searching for TFS SDK documentation, I stumbled upon this nice little addin that does what I had in my mind.


I tried this addin personally and it works wonderfully to search for any work item by keyword or by bug ID.

Update: There is another neat addin called “TFS Quick Search” ( which can do more wonders. Try it for yourself to find out!!!